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276.31 // Takeover of Turbolaser Tower Leads to Successful Invasion


File Photo of the Pivotal Turbolaser Tower

Following the stunning success of the Wookiee blockade against Trandoshan forces, rapid talks of peace began to thunder in the chambers of the Senate on Coruscant before more action would occur. Despite the passion of the politicians to end this conflict as soon as possible, a problem lay in the number of proposals, which ultimately led to a failure to come to a middle ground before a second invasionary force was sent from Trandosha.

Though smaller in size compared to its predecessor, the Trandoshan fleet was minutely less formidable. By learning from their tactical mistakes in the past, the maneuvering was more successful on the part of the Trandoshans. Even still, the Wookiee blockade remained stalwart in its defenses, reluctant to give any space to their enemy. However, the decisive variable of the battle would not be found in space, but rather on the earth of Kashyyyk itself.

Those readers that have kept up with the recent entries can remember a small contingent of a few hundred Trandoshans landing in the Wookiee city of Okikuti before the failed diplomatic talks occurred. Despite losing half of its force, the contingent seemingly retreated its way into a nearby mountainous region on Kashyyyk, home to a large turbolaser tower used for planetary defense. Small reports filtered out that the stationed Wookiee soldiers were overtaken by the Trandoshans, as they sent distress calls to other forces on the planet. Before their allies could respond however, the Wookiees were apparently defeated, as several turbolaser volleys were sent into space, attacking a prominent and crucial Wookiee ship in the blockade. Facing fire from both sides, it soon found itself helpless until it was eventually obliterated. With a large hole in the blockade, Trandoshan ships pummeled their flanks until most of the blockade was destroyed and disabled, eventually landing a successful invasion. The conquered turbolaser tower was eventually retaken easily by a large Wookiee force following the landing.

The people of Trandosha regard the now-defeated ground force as heroes while the people of Kashyyyk further fear for their lives. Galactic HoloNews was fortunate enough to meet with a noble Wookiee who fled to Coruscant prior to the first invasion. We received this statement from his interpreter:

You will notice that my people have in no way taken the offensive in this conflict that we never sponsored until we were forced to defend ourselves. If I had say in the Senate, I would plead my people’s case that sanctions should be enforced on Trandosha for their blind aggression. I pray that they may soon come to a conclusion on their own before more lives are lost.

The Senate continues to deliberate frantically within its chambers.

276.31 – Keth Tohll // GHN