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270.18 // Intruders Apprehended on Temple Grounds

Image of Dark Jedi

An image captured by Temple security holograms during the course of the evening. The identity of this particular intruder is still unknown and any further information will remain classified at this time.

Two intruders were caught on Temple grounds yesterday evening. They were promptly apprehended after they tried to attack several residents, although both intruders were killed in the process after they refused to cease their efforts. We thank all students for their cooperation with our procedures during this incident. If any students would like to discuss what occured further, they may of course do so with any Knight or Master, as we realize it may have been a difficult experience for many.

The only notable casuality was Sared Kilvan, who suffered extensive injuries and is now recovering in a Bacta tank in the Medbay after undergoing emergency surgery. Please be courteous and respect his privacy as his condition continues to improve.

All students are advised to remain vigilant over the coming days, although the Council believes the situation to have concluded at this point in time.

– The Jedi Council