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270.21 // Rhen Var Conflicts Resolved

A final resolution to developing tensions has been reached, easing relations between local factions on Rhen Var.

For some time during the past few years, we have heard reports out of Rhen Var of several of the local tribes verging on the brink of war. This conflict culminated 270.19 when a peace agreement was finally made. The Jedi Order, who had two of their members stationed on the planet at the time, has released a statement informing us that a small battle erupted, resulting in the decimation of most of two of the more prominent tribes: the Klaar and the Gadzek. Surviving leaders on both sides, now seeing their conflict as futile bloodshed, bonded together in the aftermath, agreeing to join their clans together to form one single tribe.

They then mourned their dead together, performing the traditional rituals on the tallest mountain in the area near where many of their own died. But they did not die in vain, local leaders say. Naa’rif, a member of the new local Council, released a statement today. “Though we did not see the error of our ways in advance, fueled by the emotional scars of time past, much good has come out of the ashes. Despite the brutality, this tragedy has helped us to realize that we must move beyond our grudges and unite in order to build a better future on Rhen Var. Therefore, we have not only joined the survivors of our tribes together, but we have adopted a new name: the Clybar, in honor of my father who died in the battle, despite urging caution, despite asking us to make peace. We thank the Jedi Order for their support in this matter and only regret we did not listen to them sooner.” Both Alliance and Commonwealth spokespeople offered their support 270.20, saying that they will provide necessary aid to the tribes Rhen Var in order to help them restructure.

We will be watching Rhen Var in the coming cycles to see whether this new, unsteady peace can last in the midst of turmoil. We wish the Clybar the best in rebuilding their society in order to prosper in the Galaxy.

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270.20 Ok’ami Baklar // GHN