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269.10 // Kaelen Sekura Knighted

Yesterday evening, following an encounter with a known Dark Jedi, Kaelen Sekura (age 27) was knighted by the Jedi Council of Yavin IV.

Initiated on 251.22, born on Lok and sent to Yavin IV from Talus, Kaelen was a curious youngling with a strange taste for taun-taun jerky. Over the years, however, this curious child grew into a fine adult, and a fine Jedi. His skills with his saber and remarkable ability to remain calm in dangerous situations have been a great combination, allowing him to overcome all that he has faced during his training.

Kaelens time as a padawan was spent with Knight Syrena Exan, and for a brief period with Knight Alkur Tekiel during Knight Exans long absence. During his training he encountered strange and powerful creatures, dealt with thugs on his home planet of Lok, and successfully detered a Dark Jedi from entering the temple grounds. He is a trustworthy friend to his peers, and a great role model to the aspiring youths in which he interacts with each day.

The Council congratulates Kaelen Sekura for all he has done, and acknowledges that he has the skill, determination, and spirit to uphold the duties of a Knight. May he pass down all that he has learned and inspire future Jedi to lead their lives in the Light of the Force.

– The Jedi Council