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269.27 // Jedi Killed on Kashyyyk – Trandoshan Plot?

Trandoshans suspected after a Jedi is assassinated on Kashyyyk…



A Jedi Knight has been assassinated on Kashyyyk while investigating new signs of galactic slavery. Knight Lin (32) was found in an upper canopy clearing along with several Trandoshan mercenaries. Several of the Trandoshans had suffered lightsaber wounds while Knight Lin died after an apparently fatal blast to the chest.

An inquiry into Trandoshan activity on Kashyyyk has begun and the incident has further fuelled Wookiee resentment to the Trandoshan race who for years enslaved Wookiee’s as one of their primary sources of income. While it is apparent that the Trandoshan mercenaries found dead had established a base of operations, most of their personal records were destroyed during the apparent fight with Knight Lin.

However, it seems that the Jedi Council is not satisfied with the conclusions of the Galactic Alliance investigation and have dispatched an unnamed master to investigate further.

The events will likely impact on the senate vote tomorrow where galactic representatives will sanction a new deal between the Wookiee people and the Galactic Alliance that would see increased cooperation between Wookiee’s and Ithorians in research for viable alternatives to the use of Bacta. Bacta is still the most significant resource cultivated for galactic healing and it’s producers command a near monopoly on its use.

Rest assured, Galactic Holo News will follow this story as it develops…

269.27 Brant Diatride // GHN