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269.09 // Jedi Knight Aknaross Myotis

After long lasting years of training, Aknaross fulfilled his destiny into becoming one, a fully trained Jedi Knight. Though training is done, learning never ends. As the Force holds many mysteries and secrets, it will be now upon Knight Myotis to uncover them as he learns from the Force itself.

Aknaross Myotis is an Echani Jedi from Wayland whose most recent accomplishment involved taking down the infamous gangster Gadvo Drovo. Aknaross is a master of unarmed combat, and has been trained in the path of a Jedi Consular.

Aknaross was trained by Jedi Master Corinth Alkorda until Master Alkorda took a sabbatical from the academy to aid the Corellian Security Force in an extended undercover operation. Master Alkorda – with the approval of the entire Yavin IV Council – placed Aknaross in the capable hands of Jedi Knight Nivek Tholmai. Knight Nivek Tholmai then completed Aknaross’ training.

The Council would like to commend and congratulate the efforts and dedication Knight Myotis gave to the Order, as well as the continuous commitment to the Vows he placed upon Joining the Order.

– The Jedi Council