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268.31 // Aslyn Denethorn Knighted

Aslyn Denethorn (22 years old) was yesterday pronounced Jedi, Knight of the order, by the Council of Yavin IV. Aslyn, who recently survived an encounter with a dark Jedi believed to be responsible for the recent spate of assassinations, was elated with the decision.

Aslyn was initiated on 254.29 and was trained by a total of three Masters. The late Spera Elusido was Aslyn’s first master, followed by Ctathos Ederoi after his death. Master Ederoi was unable to complete Denethorn’s training but remains in close contact with the Jedi Council and is “both proud and delighted with this decision.” Aslyn’s training was completed by Master Jared Quell, now of the High Council.

Aslyn’s career spans several successful field operations including the successful peace negotiations on Drache during 266 ABY between the rival societies of Heebra and Woosri.

We congratulate Knight Denethorn on his success and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

– The Jedi Council