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268.08 // Changes in the Ranks

After long lasting years of training, Moza Ferorn fulfilled his destiny into becoming one, a fully-trained Jedi Knight. Though training is done, learning never ends. As the Force holds many mysteries and secrets, it will be now upon Knight Ferorn to uncover them as he learns from the Force itself.

We, the Council, would like to commend and congratulate the brilliant efforts and dedication Knight Ferorn has given to the Order, as well as the continuous commitment to the vows he took upon joining the Order.

It is also with great pleasure that the Council wishes to welcome our new students in the ways of the Force and followers of the Light. Undoubtedly, Z’phos and Valon Rachius will grow strong and powerful under the tutelage of their Masters and friends here at the Jedi Academy of Yavin IV.

As we all know, the path of the Jedi is one hard task, filled with trials and temptations, but with enriching rewards from training and dedication. To become a Jedi is one hard task; to stay one is even harder. The Council has no doubt that Initiates Z’phos and Rachius will honor their vows into becoming, one day, powerful Jedi Knights of the Order.

– The Jedi Council of Yavin IV