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267.28 // Jedi Master Jamus Kevari


Jamus Kevari, the Battlemaster of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV was formally recognized as a Jedi Master today by his fellow Jedi Masters, along with former Jedi Master Ctathos Ederoi, who was Master Kevari’s Master when he was a Padawan Learner.

Jedi Master Kevari is from the planet Dantooine, but has lived among the Jedi Order since he was Initiated on 236.30. He was initially taken as now-deceased Jedi Knight Alkaiser Aruladan’s Padawan Learner, but was soon transferred to former Jedi Master Ctathos Ederoi, who completed Kevari’s training. Since becoming a Jedi Knight on 248.10, Master Kevari has trained three Padawans, one of whom has been Knighted–Cyril Feraan. He succeeded his Master as the Battlemaster of the Temple on Yavin IV, and is well-known for not only being an excellent lightsaber instructor, but an excellent duelist himself. It is even rumored that he may be the best duelist in the Order. Due to his many accomplishments over the years, the other Jedi Masters of Yavin IV agreed that the relatively young Jedi Knight should be acknowledged as a peer and fellow Jedi Master.

On behalf of the Jedi Order, congratulations to Master Kevari. It is something he has earned.