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268.11 // Jedi Killer

Troubling news for the Jedi order as the bodies of two Jedi Knights are found, killed using the force…

GHN has learned that the bodies of two Jedi Knights, Renton Brown (32 human male) and Jax Ionstorm (29 human male) have been found in Coruscant’s lower sections. Both Knights were apparently tortured and killed using The Force.

The order first began its search for the two Jedi when both went missing during routine patrols of Coruscants lower districts last cycle.  Renton Brown was found three days ago in section 1473x, 24 levels below the main promenade adjoining victory square. On scene inspectors reported that all of his limbs had been bent backwards and all of his major bones crushed with no visible signs of trauma or bruising.

Jax Ionstorm, who had gone missing a day before Brown on 268.02 was found in the early hours yesterday morning. His body had been left outside a stim clinic with several organs missing from his body and his trachea sealed shut, again with no visible signs of bruising and only a single burn mark bisecting his chest cutting through his rib cage.

Understandably GHN has been refused rights to publish on scene holofootage , but we were granted a rare audience with a member of the Jedi High Council, Master Sha’van Ten (47,  togruta female).

This is an unprecedented situation, and we cannot rule out the possibility that an individual with some knowledge of the force is hunting and killing Jedi. The motives for such behaviour remain a mystery but the Council has dispatched several anonymous Jedi Shadow’s. The perpetrators of these crimes will be considered extremely dangerous and dealt with, exercising maximum force if necessary.

Master Ten also confirmed that the newest member of the High Council, Jared Quell ( kiffar male) had been handling the investigation since Renton Brown’s body had been found.

GHN will stay with this story as it develops.

268.11 Marcus Maltharn // GHN