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268.15 // Councilor Killed

A Sad day for the Jedi order as Councilor is tragically killed in a starship accident on the planet Morja…

The planet Moorja, final resting place of High Councilor Xanto

The planet Moorja, final resting place of High Councilor Xanto

Galactic Holo News has learned that a senior member of the Jedi High Council, Master Xanto (Ongree male, 65) has been killed in a starship crash on the planet Moorja located in the Inner Rim Territories. Xanto who was on a diplomatic mission on 268.12 encountered navigational difficulties during an unusually large ion storm and careered onto the planet’s surface avoiding any sentient settlements. His Kuat Jedi Cruiser, Hope’s Wings was almost totally destroyed.The vessel’s in flight recorder has been recovered by the order, along with the Ongree’s last words which GHN has been permitted to publish;

It seems my time has come, thus I use my final moments to steer this vessel safely out of the way and give myself to the living Force one last time… May the Force be with us all.

The Jedi High Council has confirmed that Master Xanto will be succeeded by former Council member Phoe Nhix, who returned to Coruscant from a leave of absence earlier this year. Master Nhix, who has already taken a new padawan, is said to be proud to serve on the Council once more, but deeply saddened by the loss of his former colleague and friend.

Phoe Nhix entered ‘early retirement’ after the defeat of Darth Rishi for reasons as yet unknown to GHN. His retirment seemed to mark the end of a considerably accomplished career having trained several padawans, including current High Councilor, Master Soh Raun and actively engaging in field work, investigations and even participating in the seccessionary wars defending Commonwealth citezens from former Chief of State Feksk’s wrath.

A Memorial service will be held for Master Xanto on Coruscant tomorrow morning where a memory moth will be released into the Jedi Gardens.

268.15 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN