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267.28 // Vigos Vanquished

Several Black Sun Vigos who have elluded the authorities since the Seccesionary War have been captured and now face trials for multiple charges of murder, sentient traffiking and illegal arms sales…


A successful joint venture between several members of the Jedi High Council and the GAID’s former covert ops unit Section 13 has resulted in the arrest of three Black Sun Vigos. The long standing criminal orginisation survived the Imperial Regime, the first Galactic Alliance and the Sith Empire.

The GAID also suspected the Black Sun to be heavily involved in Sentient Trafficking during the Seccessionary War, taking many individuals from refugee camps and selling them into a life of slavery, abuse or prostitution.

Thanks to a year long investigation involving several undercover agents, many of these charges can now ‘stick’ in the intergalactic courts.

The first of the Vigos to be captured was the human male Garrard Prax, who had been based on Ryloth. Prax rose through the Black Sun ranks through sentient traffiking and found sympathetic patrons on the Twi’lek world, still entrenched with a culture of slavery.

The second Vigo, a Falleen Female named Strassala was intercepted en route to Corellia. She faces thirty charges of Second Degree Murder and is likely to spend the rest of her adult life in prison.

The last of the Vigo’s was captured in the lower levels of Coruscant. An apparently Force Sensitive male human, Rex Garla had worked as a bounty hunter before joining Black Sun’s ranks. He had based his operations in the lower levels of Coruscant where he had created a complex crime network utilising many of the millions of transport vessels that frequent the City World to traffik arms, sentients, drugs and other contraband. He is reported to have been captured personally by a member of the Jedi High Council.

No official statement was given by either the High Council, or Section 13’s cheif of operations, but the Senate have confirmed their involvement.

267.28 Sandra Starburst // GHN