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263.25 // Council Advisor Changes

As one Council Advisor leaves, two more join the ranks…

In an unprecedented series of events, Master Ederoi has left his position as a Council Advisor and left the temple on Yavin IV,  while Knight Exan and Knight Vigil have joined the trusted board of advisors.

Knight Ederoi had made his decision to leave several cycles ago and preparations for his  departure culminated in the promotion of the two Knights and a brief visit to his home planet Ziost.

Ctathos Ederoi is acknowledged by the High Council for his tireless, often unseen, contributions to the order. He was a trusted advisor and respected mediator, even if he lacked the more personable social skills of a diplomat.

Knight Exan and Knight Vigil were selected by the Council for their commitment to social justice, their extensive work for the Council and their ability to communicate with the wider student and teacher populace of the Temple and are already knee deep in flimsiplast after encountering the in boxes on their new desks!

We hope you join us in wishing them all the best in their new roles, and remembering Master Ederoi as the hard worker, renowned Saberist and uncompromising teacher he was.

– By Jared Quell