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263.22 // Podracing Legalized!

Shaildka’s bill proves successful as Podracing is legalized in the GA after a majority vote within the senate yesterday.

Scenes like this will once again be enjoyed by Podrace fans.

Scenes like this will once again be enjoyed by Podrace fans.

Yesterday the senate approved the legalization of Podracing with a 67.3% vote of approval. Senator Shaildka of Malastare, who had originally lobbied for this action is “Delighted with the news” telling GHN;

“I am more than pleased with how this vote turned out. I look forward to making Podracing the exciting sport it was centuries ago.”

Senator Shaildka is now head of a construction project taking place in the capital of Malastare, Pixelito. Touzuluh stadium is being redesigned to fit the fast-paced sport with a brand new racing course.
Other planets across the galaxy, Naboo, Eriadu, Dac, Corelia and many more are following the senators lead in creating new fantastic race tracks for future entrants and a design for a galactic Podracing league is rumoured to be in the works, with Senator Shaildka leading the design, working closely with GA sport officials.
The first officially legal Podrace under the Galactic Alliance is set to take place on 263.27 at 1230 GST at the Touzuluh Stadium, Pixelito. Fifty eight racers are expected to compete from across the galaxy in this fast-paced exciting renewed sport opening.

263.22 Mattheus Albion // GHN