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264.01 // Viper droids found and dispatched

After the events of last night, the Council would like to issue a formal statement.

At roughly 1930 GST a meteorite crashed into the Jungle on the south side of the temple. A few minutes later a Viper class Probe droid was witnessed by several students and Knights before it retreated into the jungle.  By the time a second Viper droid entered the grounds, Knight Stomi was already in a ship and managed to Ray scan the droid – sending the data to the Temples database – before destroying it. With the additional data, Master Nhix’s satellite defence system was able to target the first droid and destroy it.

A Viper class Probe

A 'Viper' class Probe

No encoded transmissions were sent successfully by either droid, and there is no security threat at this time. However, we ask all students and Knights to remain alert and inform us of any other unusual incidents, noises or sightings of similar technology.

There has been much speculation as to how and why such archaic and ‘Imperial’ technology was being used. It is possible that the ‘meteorite’ space pod casing used to distribute the droids was faulty, thus the probe had been travelling through real space for a hundred years before reaching us. Another possibility is that an individual was able to purchase such a relic on the black market.

Rest assured though, a full investigation is being conducted, and if pertinent, the findings will be shared with the order.

– The Jedi Council