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261.17 // Jared Quell, Jedi Master

YAVIN IV — By the will of the Jedi Council and the Force, Jedi Knight and Council Advisor Jared Quell was granted the title of Jedi Master on 261.16. He has now been recognized by the Council of Masters as a fellow Jedi Master, due to his many years of service and commitment to the Order and by his actions, to the galaxy at large.

Jedi Master Quell trained as a Padawan Learner under the reputable training of fellow Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda and has since held the title of Jedi Knight. Master Quell dutifully served the Order as a faithful Knight, training several Padawan Learners, including Syrena Exan, a Falleen Jedi Knight and his first pupil. His work as a scholar and a teacher within the Order have proven invaluable during this time. He also served as a diplomat in several key conflicts, specifically the recent CW/GA Secessionary War in the late 240s ABY, aiding the Galactic Alliance and Commonwealth to ease tensions and ultimately achieve a resolution, bringing the war to a close.

On behalf of the Jedi Order, congratulations are due to the new Jedi Master Jared Quell.