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262.11 // Plans for ‘New Cloud City’ Revealed

Nearly three years after terrorists destroyed Cloud City plans are revealed to construct a new centre of commerce on Bespin in a joint GA and CW project.

New Cloud City, as it will look in 267 ABY

New Cloud City, as it will look in 267 ABY

While many remain confused about the possible motive behind the terrorist attack that took the lives of seven million civilians three years ago, the galaxy is united in it’s resolve to eradicate terrorism. Significantly the Galactic Alliance and The Peoples Commonwealth are joint funding a new City for Bespin that will become a shining beacon of commerce and symbol of galactic freedom. ‘New Cloud City’ will homage it’s predecessor while exploiting the countless technological developments made since it’s construction.

The epic project will take 5 years to complete with sections of the new city being constructed on every major core and Commonwealth world. Chief Architect Marlo Benneck explains the design;

No one can forget the classic curves of Cloud City but to erect a new home for millions in it’s place is an enormous technical feat. We hope to showcase the architecture of every major civilisation in the galaxy in a unified and united design and so entire sections of the City will be flown in and assembled in orbit around Bespin over the next five years.

The project cements the continued cooperation between the GA and CW in recent years and perhaps hails an end to the recent conflicts the galaxy has seen over the last two decades. GHN hopes that ‘New Cloud City’ will prosper long after it’s predecessor has been all but forgotten in time.

262.11 Gregoria Tovey // GHN