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261.13 // Assasinations Foiled

The Galactic Federation of Free Alliance’s annual conference of representative senators was successfully concluded yesterday despite numerous Assassination attempts earlier in the cycle…

The Senate Conference in Session

The Senate Conference in Session

The Economy, rejuvenation projects and galactic security were at the top of the senates agenda this conference after the recent pressures from the Bothan Sector and Ithorians had featured so prominently in Galactic News. The Bothans, still heavily critical of the Late Megana Tin’s revolutionary economic policies had expressed a growing disenchantment with the direction of the GA in wake of Military cutbacks. The Chief of State Benjamin Dama remained stoical as he continued to adhere to Tin’s financial plans and has continued to pour money into education and urban redevelopments across the Galaxy despite the barks of his critics.

The Ithorian senator meanwhile faced an internal inspection after his Terrafirming company pollEntech was linked to third party companies whose financial records were traced back to several transactions in the Anzat system. The transactions were for privateering shipping companies operating in the Humbraine system and while the details of the investigation are not yet public, inside sources inform GHN that “There is an obvious relationship to the terror attacks last year…” and “It’s hardly surprising that pollEntech’s shares sky-rocketed when it’s primary rival was so publicly crippled”

It is likely that the deputy Ithorian GA representative Dr Baro Noonin will replace Senator Fill after the investigation concludes.

The Conference was nearly cancelled after a series of Assassination attempts occurred in the run up to the event. A series of high profile Senators including the Corellian Senator Han Carrik-Horn were targeted by the renegade Anzati. None of the attempts were successful however after a joint effort of the Guardians of Kiffu and the Jedi Order resulted in seventeen arrests while three of the would be Assassins died resisting capture.

Senator Carrik-Horn complemented the task force publicly during the conference and encouraged his fellows to Donate to the Jedi Order in light of their “continued pursuit for galactic peace and justice” in spite of their independence. Carrik-Horn’s example was followed by many of the assembled representatives and was met by minimal opposition in light of his family’s historical connection to the order.

The Head of the Jedi and Guardian task force has remained anonymous but issued the following statement to the press through the Jedi High Council.

The success of this operation must be attributed to the Guardians of Kiffar and the continued compliance of the remaining loyal Anzati Temples, whose determination and stamina fuelled the seemingly tireless search for these attackers. The fatalities are naturally regrettable but under the circumstances wider speculation and criticism from the press should be discouraged lest we lose sight of what is important, that a heinous act of terrorism, and a singularly diabolical act against the Galactic Alliance was averted.

The Seventeen apprehended Anzati will be taken to an undisclosed location for questioning. It seems that while one investigation closes, another is only beginning.

261.13 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN