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441.13 // Election season sees rise of new party

Across the Republic polls are tracking hundreds of races for Senate seats this cycle. Amongst the usual parties we’ve come to know over the last two legislative sessions a new group of contenders is surprising many in the mid-rim with their strong early statistics. Calling themselves the “Free Soilers,” the young party’s platform is built on antiestablishmentarianism, populism, and sector rights. On the mid-rim planets where the candidates have gained popularity they are competing with, and on some planets outstripping, both Diplomat and War Hawk incumbents, threatening to fragment the two majority parties even farther.

In the Dustig Sector Haruun Kal native Nawanh Poshma has pulled ahead of War Hawk incumbent Zalneem Brooch by over twenty points in the last quarter. In his last debate he had this to say over the current border discussions in the Senate,

“The War Hawks have made it clear: they do not actually care about security in the Republic. One of the foundational pillars of their platform is a categorical lie. They vote against protective tariffs that would increase security along our hyperspace lanes. In the face of pirate battles inside the borders of our Republic, a scene that has not been seen for the better part of a century, they want to write it off as a non-issue. My friends and fellow citizens, it is an issue! If you elect me to the Senate, I will make sure that every sector is given back the rights they are entitled to. I will introduce legislation that will allow sector security forces to have meaningful power, redirecting funds from the over bloated Republic military budget so that sectors can handle their own security problems in the ways they best see fit!”

Candidate Poshma’s platform, like the Free Soiler platform at large, is built on concepts of sector rights over federal power on Coruscant. This has been very popular with populist movements on other planets in the mid-rim such as Naboo, Bespin, and Bakura as well. The Hadar sector, home to the Tibrin system, has also seen a rise in a Free Soiler candidate threatening the future of Chancellor Naka Rei and his continued leadership as Chancellor of the Republic. Naka Rei shared these thoughts in a recent debate with Tinn native Ral Makneel,

“To the people of my home sector I say this: I understand your frustrations. Having grown up in the Hadar sector for my entire youth I remember feeling as if we’re considered a pass-through sector by the core worlds. However, my resume speaks for itself. With the leadership of our sector, we’ve seen historic foreign policy successes. We’ve seen our sector bring together the fragmented political landscape of the Republic into a coherent direction. My opponent, the honorable Ral Makneel from Tinn, believes that all of the work we’ve put in should be undone. Should be cast aside in order to fragment our Republic even more. He advocates for the disillusionment of the common cultural ties that bind us to beings across the Galaxy. Your vote in this cycle is a referendum not only on me, but on our values as a people: Do we wish to bind ourselves in our common vision of free expression, civil rights and liberties, and to better the common good? Or do we wish to abandon our bonds with our fellow Republicans and draw inward to look out at the galaxy with suspicion and mistrust? This is what you must decide at the end of this cycle.”

This cycle has also seen the rise of the youngest generation of politicians the Republic has seen since before the Galactic Alliance. Exemplifying this is sixteen year old candidate Primsta Natsha Estillo. Endorsed by the Queen of her homeworld Eiattu 6, this young woman is leading her opponent, 87 year old Diplomat incumbent Opeek Bluul, by nearly fifteen points in recent polls. An independent candidate, Estillo’s message advocating for compromise and sensible governance has been wildly popular when coupled with her youthful optimism and interest in the spirit of democratic politics.

Reporting from Coruscant, this is Quan Regal of the Associated Presses