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440.08 // The Jedi and The Republic

Jedi of the Order,

As far as our archives look back, Jedi have acted in their capacity as mediators, diplomats, peacekeepers, and even so simply as a voice offering wisdom. Helping governments and entities across the galaxy to strive for the same mutual goal of peace.

After many cycles of deliberation by both the High Council and esteemed Ambassadors of our Council of Reconciliation, the Order has made the landmark decision to formally realign itself with the Galactic Republic.

It is in times of relative peace that the Jedi look to strengthen the bonds of unity and cooperation after extended periods of division. Working to build a closer relationship with Republic diplomats and politicians throughout our galaxy. With that, we publicly declare our support for Chancellor Naka Rei as he heralds a new era of democracy, peace, and prosperity for the Republic. Once more formally accepting our traditional and historic role as Peacekeepers of the Republic

As we shine a light on a renewed era of partnership with the Republic, the Order will strive to continue being a guiding hand or voice of reason in times of turmoil, no matter the current political landscape.

We urge all members of the Order to aid the efforts of their respective branch ambassadors in forming a stronger relationship with Republic diplomats in the coming cycle as we begin to rebuild bonds shattered by the past.

May the Force be with you all,
-Grandmaster Coron Audax