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413.19 // Cruiser Emerges from Nebula after 30 Years

Officials move to assist as a starcruiser supposedly lost within The Cloak nebula emerges after approximately thirty years.

The Cruiser is owned by Dagrin Varo, a former minister of Ryloth’s Ruling Council and one of the only non-Twi’leks of history to hold the position. Varo is remembered for his ideas of radical reformation and distaste for what he perceived to be the shortcomings of the Galaxy’s social structure.

His views threatened to create upheaval on our world and Varo was forced to resign by his counterparts on the Council. Boarding this vessel with his family and those close that would go with him, Varo and his kin departed into the treacherous region known as The Cloak and were never seen again. Until today.

Insider reports suggest that the population of the vessel greatly expanded during its absence from the Galaxy and that those aboard were under the impression that they were the sole survivors of some kind of Galactic-wide apocalyptical or societal collapse. The kind of event that Varo seemed to almost fancy during his time on the Council. Minister of Security Auruq had this to say:

“It is an unprecedented situation,” the security Minister admitted, “and [the Ministry] are uncertain on whether or not former Minister Varo’s actions constitute criminality. For now, we will do the best we can to help those people aboard.”

Small detachments of outreach and social specialists have been sent aboard the vessel to assist in slowly reintegrating them with society.

We hope they proceed cautiously, as it is rumored that one of their populants was responsible for a deadly blasting at one of the Ryloth Security Force’s lunar outposts. More on that story as it comes…