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412.26 // Planetary Systems Fold to Rising Empire


It’s been several weeks since the opening salvos of the ascendant Wyld Empire’s surprise attack versus the independent systems in Wild Space. Alzoc III continues to be under cruel occupation, a media blackout accompanied by a strict blockade has meant we have no new information about what life is like on the ice-world under Imperial Occupation.


The second target of the Empire was the Jedi hospital facility on Cotellier. The small orbital defense fleet of a Golan I platform, one XQ defense platform, and two defensive frigates were completely outclassed by an unknown configuration of capital ship and a number of destroyers. Initial casualty counts from the defenders ranges from 5,500-8,000 dead or missing.


A heroic defense led by Jedi forces based out of the Rannon praxium held the line, leading a coalition force of security personnel from many surrounding systems, long enough for all of the civilian population inside the medical facility to evacuate. The majority of the planet’s population was unable to make it to evacuation sites and are now under occupation just like the situation on Alzoc III.


Seeing these opening, brutal, attacks many systems have already openly declared their surrender and their planetary governments have abdicated power to Imperial Governorships. These planets include: Maryx Minor,Vestar, and Suarbi. The planetary system of Skynara was invaded and its government easily swept away by the overwhelming forces of the Empire. Initial reports, howerver, indicate that a scrappy and tenacious group of partisans on the planet’s surface have been spearheading a resistance movement to occupation.


In contrast to these systems who have folded under the intimidation of the Empire, the planetary system of Svivren has maintained its long legacy of holding as a redoubt versus foreign invaders. Their planetary defense systems have not destroyed any Imperial vessels, but they’ve routed the two major assaults that have been made. So far the planet is isolated but persisting.


The major powers of the galaxy watch with bated breath. The Republic is gridlocked with the ‘Diplomat’ political party advocating for patience and to see how the situation develops before jumping into immediate action. So far the Wyld Empire has not targeted any Republic assets that would require a response in kind. The ‘War Hawk’ party, made infamous by the betrayal of Ambassador James Hawken over Ord Biniir, have been gaining power as they advocate for the protection of system sovereignty in Wild Space.


Meanwhile, the Fel Empire has been silent. The Empress still missing in action from the public eye and her moffs still fighting over internal affairs.


For now it seems that the Jedi Order, who has been making diplomatic overtures to the independent systems of Wild Space, are the only saving grace for these people who are facing imminent subjection from an imperial-minded threat.


This is Andee Nevaro, more as the situation develops.