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414.06 // Wyld Empire Opens New Fronts after Small Victories

Over the last year the Wyld Empire has been laying siege to planets inside their growing sphere of influence. The planets of Svivren and Skynara have seen the full brunt of their military blockades until recently.

Jedi led operations on Skynara have provided humanitarian aid to the suffering populations of the occupied world, while a Jedi led strike team on the flagship in the blockade of Svivren disabled the vessel in question, allowing the planetary security fleet to rout the aggressing fleet after the destruction of the flagship.

In these operations some sensitive data has been discovered. This reporter has been authorized to share some details that were recovered and made public just today.

The Wyld Empire has four main combat groups. Two naval battlegroups and two army groups. Each is commanded by a force-using ‘Wyldling’ as they’ve been dubbed. Each army group is attached to one of the naval groups and have been mobilized to open two fronts in opposite directions, eastern and western. The commanders of the Eastern Front are Admiral Vehmens and General Truculen while on the Western Front the commanders are Admiral Kerudelys and General Inestima.

With the setbacks of occupying Svivren and the continued partisan movement only gaining strength on Skynara, the Empire has opened up its two fronts and have used their trademark tactics to stomp down ill-defended independent planets in Wild Space. They’ve made startling gains in their Eastern Front as they quickly toppled Drexel, Dom-Bradden, Ryloth, and Wrea. Meanwhile, the criminal haven Socorro has descended into civil war. Criminal Syndicates and Mob families have banded together to make alliances, half desiring to voluntarily join the Wyld Empire for profit while the other half desire to maintain their ‘independence’ and run their criminal empires without influence from a strong, established occupying government.

While there have been some critical victories made against the expanding rogue state actor, the military capacity and aptitude of their war machine cannot be more clear. More on this developing conflict as it unfolds.

This is Andee Nevaro