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408.08 // Ruun appeals exhausted – guilty verdict upheld.

Holonews headlines are only a snapshot into a situation, usually lasting for only 24 hours before the galactic news cycle sweeps them away to be replaced with something more interesting, eye-catching and new.

Whilst most of us get swept along with the cycle of endless news, just because the story ceases to grab headlines does not mean it doesn’t rumble on.

Lord Ruun, once a name that was never far from the front page of the galactic news, today exhausted the last of his appeals, where the guilty verdict put on him many years ago was upheld. Many refused to believe the case could truly be over until the appeals process was successfully navigated, but today, it can finally be said that he will not be walking free and he is indeed guilty for his actions on Vohai.

Ruun will serve out the rest of his life sentence in the unnamed detainment facility he has been held in since the initial verdict.

With the matter of Ruun finally closed, does this mean that the long in limbo deal between The Jedi Order and the Republic to formalise an alliance can at last be formalised and signed? I imagine when it is, it will very much be a headliner grabber.

– Lenee Kath, Galactic Holonews