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407.20 // Core planet Duneeden votes to secede from the Republic and go Independent!

It is not uncommon for border planets or systems to flip allegiances. Whether its the planet of Agrazor who seemingly switches between the Galactic Empire and Galactic Republic almost with every election cycle, or Teth who attempt to play the Hutts and Republic off against each other to get the best deal for its citizens.

Those that choose to go independent often do not stay so for long, realising not only that the infrastructure and links provided by the larger galactic groups are too deeply entwined in their processes but that being part of a larger group provides security and protection.

Duneeden is the latest planet to go independent, but what is perhaps most curious is that one of its neighbours is none other than the jewel on the crown of the Republic itself, Coruscant.

The planet’s government has declared itself as a ‘neutral territory’ and is positioning itself to act as a safe haven for meetings between different galactic groups.

Now, defunct Senator Hulme O’raff had this to say

“It’s the decision of the Wardens and their constituents. Personally, I’m saddened by the move, but ultimately will remain as a chief liaison between Duneeden and the Republic.

The key will be reassuring those other parties that Duneeden is truly independent from the Republic and safe.”

Whether this can be delivered remains to be seen. The move is being met with scepticism from all quarters, with Duneeden buried so deep in Republic space can it truly be neutral? Can the planet defend itself and keep the peace should trouble break out?

All these questions I’m sure will be answered in time but for now Duneeden is one to watch.