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406.29 // Taloraan Edifice officially opened.

Greetings Residents,

We have been living in a time of significant peace for the best part of a decade now and the Order has grown in numbers.

As a result, it has been a priority to expand our core facilities and in 404ABY, the High Council commissioned the creation of a fifth primary facility in the Galactic South East.

I would like to thank the diplomacy departments of Ossus and Ilum for working so hard and diligently in identifying a suitable planet and in the end identifying Taloraan in the expansion region.

After protracted negotiations with the local government, a rather large and striking building was signed over to the Jedi Order in 405ABY with a 120-year lease. We have spent the last year refitting and repurposing the building to suit our needs. It is truly a spectacular, if not sightly grandiose, temple to visit. I would recommend doing so if you are able.

Taloraan Edifice will be populated with students and knights primarily from Ossus and Ilum temple, although as of today, it is open for all members of the Order to visit.

– Grandmaster Coron Audax