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397.13 // Controversial Book Targeting Jedi Hits The Republic’s Bestsellers!

“It has been over four decades since the Imperium War ended and yet its echoes affect the Republic, Fel Empire and the rest of the galaxy still. At the heart of the conflict, the Jedi. What else is new?”

This is the beginning of the now bestselling book, “The Jedi – Friend or Foe?”, written by Dr. Del Mund, former candidate for the office of senator on the planet of Corellia. The book was published last cycle and already it has received popularity in the mid and outer rim. However, it has not reached much critical or political acclaim due to its anti-Jedi sentiments. Many senators and politicians are speaking out against the book, and here to speak about that is the man himself, Dr. Mund.

“Hello, Dr. Mund!”

“Hi, Ray. Thanks for having me.”

“Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Now, Dr. Mund, your novel has achieved the Republic’s bestseller list quicker than most novels in the last several decades. Why do you think that is?”

“I think it’s because it’s a conversation worth having. If you look at history, the Jedi are at the core of it. Who are their wars against? Other Jedi. And the rest of us are along for the ride. People forget that the Sith came from the Jedi. Why should we have to deal with the Jedi Order’s failures? Failures, if I might add, which have cost countless lives over the centuries.“

“Anti-Jedi sentiment is nothing new, but what makes your book or movement different?”
“Come now, Ray, I’d hardly label it as a movement. And I resent it being called anti-Jedi. More so… anti-war.”

“How can you call this novel not anti-Jedi when you suggested or implied in many of its chapters that it would be better if the Jedi didn’t exist at all?”

“Listen, I respect the Jedi immensely. The story of the Republic and Jedi is an old one. An abusive story at that but a story nonetheless. And they have saved the galaxy more than enough times. The question I’m proposing in my novel is, why was it necessary in the first place? Are or were we better off without them? In my novel you will find historical evidence that gives weight to both sides of the argument. And I’ll leave it to the reader to decide.”

“Many politicians including the Chief of State have spoken out against your novel and have advised Republic citizens not to purchase it. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“Of course they have. They need the Jedi. Why would they say anything different? If I were in their position, I would be saying the same thing. While we’re speaking about the Republic government, why would the leadership allow the Jedi to police our systems when they are no longer sworn to us? Why do they have that authority, and where does that authority end? Where are the checks and balances? These are questions that need answers.”

“You certainly have a lot of ideas, Dr. Mund. But my question to you is, what’s in it for you?”

“Nothing but the debate. Popularity has its setbacks. I have received many death threats since the book’s publication and I am not backing down. Every citizen of the Republic needs to have this conversation to prevent another Jedi war.”

“I am extremely sorry to hear that. Thank you for your time, Dr. Mund.”

“Thank you, Ray.”