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396.12 // Insurrection on Ord Biniir

Breaking news, now, from the system of Ord Biniir in Imperial Space. With the backdrop of civil insecurities with the succession of the Fel line, pockets of opportunistic radicals are sparking conflict.

On Ord Biniir the fringe group calling themselves “The Alliance for Democracy” has been operating for decades, advocating for a secessionist movement to leave the Empire and join the Republic as an independent system. While never taken seriously, this group turned militant just three days ago, gaining weapons and vehicles from an unknown source and starting an insurrectionist campaign to, in their words, “Liberate Ord Biniir from the autocratic dynasties who have subjugated the good citizens of this planet for too long.”

Using an armored walker, along with military-grade ordinance, they began their rebellion in the heart of the capital city Soontir. After sustained fighting, the AFD have managed to push loyalist forces outside of the capital city, closing the shield gates, and have set up martial law inside the city center.

Negotiations with the AFD have ground to a halt, with the AFD saying there is no negotiation that will succeed unless full succession is granted to the system. Republic senators and the Chancellor have denounced the movement of the AFD, stating that organization is nothing but a terrorist group.

“We have no relationship with, nor share any values with, the so-called Alliance for Democracy terrorizing the good people of Ord Biniir. We believe they should throw down their arms and surrender to Imperial authorities, for this will not go the way they think it will.”

Stated Senator Yalook P’oolel from the nearby Er’Kit system.

Despite these Republic assurances, many moffs in the Empire remain skeptical.

“The Republic, while long an ally of our Empire, has always been expansionist in nature. It would surprise no one if this was not the work of some group of senators instigating an insurrection in our space for a land-grab during a delicate transition of power.” Said one moff, requesting to stay anonymous.

The local authorities on Ord Biniir have been petitioning the Imperial military for assistance, but no comment was given from Imperial High Command as to their future involvement with the situation.

More on this story as it develops,

On location, this is Andee N’evaro.