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396.12 // Crystalline Contraband in the Capital Causes Crazy Commotion!

Good afternoon readers! Do I have a scoop for you! After scavenging through the scraps of information from various sources, this reporter has found some interesting tidbits that the goons at the ASF would sooner see die in pre-production before sent out to you seekers of the truth.

In the ever growing dystopia that is Alzoc III, everyone knows the heart of which lies the corrupt and toothless Alzoc Security Force, there lurks gang violence and petty crime like a film of oil adhering to every surface. Each attempt to wipe it away just smears it further, and only stains your own hands in the process.

That’s why it is no surprise to find that Alzoc Security Forces are once again withholding information from us, the people! Thankfully, with people like yours truly on the case, you can be sure you have an advocate for your interests in the thick of it on the streets of Alzoc III. Galactic Breaking News Alzoc is proud to be the first to report that black market crystals, of the make that powers the Jedi’s legendary weapons, have been confiscated and rumored to be distributed to local gangs.

This wouldn’t be the first time the ASF has held dangerous information from the public. I’m sure we all remember the incident back in 390 surrounding the neo-spice trafficking through hospitals. Luckily I was there then, and I’m here now to give you all of the facts as they come in.

I have since reached out to the ASF for comment, here’s what they had to say:

“Get that thing out of my face Gorgin or I’ll have you thrown in a cell!” – Commander Dorian Vector, ASF

As you can see, they continue to try to silence the truth! But do not worry. As more information comes out I will be reporting them immediately!

This has been Orleana Gorgin, and I’ll see you next time!