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395.26 // Loyal To The Fels!

As we venture closer, and closer towards the Empresse’s verdict we have begun to see a division of people grow within Imperial Space. On most key planetary systems protestors litter the streets holding up banners and chants in an attempt to display their discontent. The Pro loyalists on Bastion have marched through most of the capital completely impeding transportation throughout the city. At a press briefing, the commissioner of Imperial Security on Bastion, Klor Mendrin said the force was so stretched officers have not seen their families for cycles. Plus, approximately 65,000 officers have been placed on 1-rotation shifts.

A spokesman for the loyalist group, Arix Nesda said:  “We stand by the Fel bloodline. It’d feel wrong, untrue to traditions for someone not of the family to take up the throne. Especially the likes of those without a spine such as Nemora Torysk. Only a dog of the Republic. I only hope that the High Moff Council and the Empress herself see eye-to-eye and elect Julianus to be the true emperor. As he is truly deserving. ”

The loyalist group has committed to continuing the protests on for the remaining cycles of the year. Imperial Security has said it needs to balance the right to protest in a democracy. During the current campaign, the ISF has made 3,458 arrests and 1364 charges have been laid so far by the Imperial Courts.

The commissioner said that of those convicted after the group’s protests in through 394.15-395.20, so far over 2000 had paid costs and got a conditional discharge. It left them with a criminal record, but some critics question if the penalties are enough of a deterrent, particularly for activists who may regard criminal convictions in the furtherance of their cause as a badge of honor.

Commissioner Mendrin confirmed ISF and Imperial officials were discussing changes to public order laws to deal with protests such as those of The Loyalist cause, including ways to deter repeat offenders and disruption.

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