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395.12 // Void outbreak threatening the existence of the Galaxy

Breaking news, as the first rumors of the fate of Pleis IX have surfaced after weeks of silence.

Pleis IX, long hailed as the unknown Agricultural Gem of the Empire, dropped all forms of communication around 395.05, with no prior warning. Friends and relatives of inhabitants had been trying to reach their loved ones, to no success. The Imperial Navy had blocked all access into and out of the system, but had declined to comment on the situation. That is, until now.

Reports coming allegedly from survivors of the Arc-Ship “Hope” speak of a void infestation that consumed the planet in a matter of hours, leaving behind a black hole. Of a population numbering dozens of billions, only a few hundred thousand escaped.

Grand Moff Otta Vormis has quickly interjected, stating that these rumors are unsubstantiated.

“We are still investigating the events that took place in Pleis IX. This is a top priority for the Imperial Command, and as such, we insist on civilians respecting the curfew and not paying heed to unsubstantiated rumors, that only serve to undermine our mighty Empire. The punishment for breaking this curfew will be extremely severe.”

Imperial Scientists side with the Grand Moff, stating that a collapse of an object that big is impossible, and the mass of a planet is vastly too small to create a black hole.

However the holoforums are filling with reports from alleged Arc Ship passengers, that expert journalist call “too harrowing to be fake”.

Is this a sign that the Void infestation has escaped the Jedi Order, and now threatens the innocent civilians across the galaxy?

Stay tuned for updates.