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395.10 // Cantonica Takes A Gamble

It has been five years since Cantonica was shaken to its very core by the actions of the ‘branded’ terrorist and traitor Samson Fitzgerald. The man previously most known for his prominent business establishment, the Cantonica Casino, was uncovered to have had schemes and plots in the works to release despair and destruction upon the planet’s surface, just as a means of appearing in the ‘opportune’ moment to save the figurative day. While the news didn’t travel as fast as they should off-world, due to the matter initially requiring careful treatment from Cantonica’s government itself, finally after all this time, the records of the trials, the proceedings are known to the public.

Especially now with the Corporate State making yet another move towards buying out more than just a few lots, industries and real estates alike; the people cannot help but wonder when their expansion actually ends, nor realize where it really begins. Another rising mystery on the corporate field!

As far as the people are concerned, the matter has been taken care of. Many protesters wanted to see Mr. Fitzgerald pay for his crimes with his own life, substituting for the lives lost due to his actions within the Cantonica Casino. Especially the dearly departed Garnica Jevealis, opera singer extraordinaire taken from our world too young and too soon.

In honor of Jevealis’ memory, HoloAudio Records are releasing an unabridged, even if not entirely finished, version of the Album the young singer would have published if not for the events of Cantonica. The Album’s name, originally ‘A Bright Life’, has been renamed to ‘In Memoriam’. Also, for the elective fan, the Album contains backstage clips of pre-production. Viewers, as well as listeners, of the Album, state that this paints a whole new visage for the artist herself.

A must have, for any collector!