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395.13 // Fringe Scientist kicked from Scientific Gala

In a bit of a strange news today, a physicist was unceremoniously removed from the prestigious Scientific Innovations Gala, held bi-annually on Coruscant.

The physicist, named Kleon Barrush, presented his theory on the Kinetic Manipulation of the Evolving Manifold, which according to the audience, sounded more like a bad science fiction super-weapon that anything else. Before he could finish his explanation, he was booed off the stage and even had the gala security remove him and revoke his access.

“Never heard a worse mad rumbling in my life. He was talking about waving the fabric of the world like it’s putty. He thinks he can ignore gravity. And do what? Space surfing on an Event Horizon? Nonsense!” ,said Dr. Gurt Kehmol, the thrice awarded Head of Astronomy of Corruscant.

Dr. Nevtaro, who reemerged after decades of absence, dismissed the theory on grounds of usability: “Even if we took his theory seriously for a moment, what he proposes is an alternative way to travel the galaxy, in stead of Hyperspace. However, where we have a relatively cheap, well tested and reliable method of traversing the vast amounts of the universe, his method would require the energy of at least the average Neutron Star to work. It’s like he rediscovered fire, but he needed a planet to make it work. Waste of time!”

We have reached to Dr Barrush for a comment, but he has not replied yet.