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394.03 // Tradition Over Advancement

With the question of succession still in the air, both “candidates” have begun their campaigning. The Bastion Newscast was able to catch Ambassador Nemora Torysk after her meeting at the palace with officials, before boarding her transport. Our correspondent Alanya Ilorin was given the chance to pose a couple of questions to the ambassador.

“Nemora, I’m sure you are aware that at the moment there is no clear heir to the throne. Now, as someone that doesn’t hold the name Fel do you think you fair a good chance again Julianus?”

“I’m clearly aware of my name. I don’t believe the Fel Dynasty is what has made the Empire what it is today, it’s the people, the small people. We’ve seen planets under our program flourish in deals and trade with the likes of the Republic, it’s our system of rule and mainly the Moff Council which have directed the Empire to where it is now.”

“If the Empire has been directed by the Moff Council why the need for a new head of state?”

“Why, because we lack direction, an executive decision. The Empress has been quiet for many years now and her inner circle has only kept things isolated. It’s the role of the Moff Council to advise the Empress not the other way. You always need one voice to speak over many.”

“And the future of the Empire?”

“Advancement, I wish to see the Empire continue to flourish. To see more systems join our cause as I believe what we offer can only leave planets better off out in northern space. I believe we offer more structure and more involvement in our system, compared to the likes of the Republic. Who are stretched thin by the large amounts of planets under their control.”

That was all the time we had with Nemora before she boarded her transport. It seems she has set in stone big plans for the direction of the Empire, her talks around expanding Imperial Space by assisting neighboring system and enabling them to flourish can only appeal to the Empress, the Moff Council and to the people of the Empire. Plus, she has the backing of Moff Sehrana who has already made comments saying that she agrees with the ambassador’s sentiment and will openly sponsor her on the Moff Council.

More news to follow shortly.