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394.01 // Death of Grand Moff Jarvin Fel

The Empresses’ first cousin and her most trusted confidante, Jarvin Fel has died at the of 43. The Grand Moff was found dead in his private quarters within the Imperial Palace on Bastion. The cause of Jarvin’s death has not yet been revealed however second-in-command of the Imperial Knights, Master Felten Hossk who was the first to discover Jarvin’s dormant body has stated: “As Knights we have sworn loyalty to the empress and the Fel Dynasty. It saddened my heart to find Jarvin in such a state, helpless. His service to Fel Empire will not be forgotten”. The purple-armored Knight said no more and wouldn’t disclose any finer details of the situation after being prompted by our correspondent.

The feeling of shock lingers even outside of the Imperial Palace. Members of the Moff Council have rested their condolences with the Fel family. Even Moff Gyi, someone who Jarvin disregarded Moff Gyi due to his Imperium heritage had this to say:

“I will not sugarcoat things. I and Jarvin’s relationship was indeed rocky, yes. With parts of my family breaking off from the Empire and helping birth the Sith Imperium, Jarvin has always distrusted me and honestly, he is not wrong to do so. Though I earnt his trust and displayed my loyalty when I led the campaign against the remnants of my family’s doing. Yes, I’m surprised by the death of someone so close to the Empress and I’m also skeptical as to what caused his death. In times like these where the question of succession is in the air, one can only wonder what power can lead people to do.”

With Grand Moff Jarvin’s passing, it has allowed Ambassador Nemora Torysk to gain even more traction out in the fringes of imperial territory whispers have risen from within the palace that the Empress has already picked the ambassador as her next line of succession though High Moff Korsden has stated otherwise:

“The question of succession is still upon us. The Empress has yet to make her decision and until so the Moff Council will only continue to advise and serve her to the best of our abilities.”

While some believe the throne lies with Nemora Torysk, high ranking figures within the Capital believe the son of Jarvin Fel, Julianus Fel II, a training Imperial Knight may have a chance to rival the Ambassador in their campaigns to take on the throne. With Julianus holding the family name he proves to be an appealing candidate, able to continue the Fel Dynasty. Though the decision is left with the Empress.