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394.06 // 26 Jedi dead, Failed Attack on the Temple of Ossus

In the early hours of 395.06, a rupturing explosion was heard booming through the sacred halls of the Ossus Jedi Temple. Little is known about the attack, but on-site reporters are claiming that the corpses of ‘shadowy figures’ are littered in the dozens as have over 20 confirmed Jedi deaths. Despite the horrific violence, the temple bravely stands.

However, a shocking revelation has been uncovered. An injured, misspoken student told our Holonews reporters that, “This isn’t the first of its kind. Rannon has already fallen.” Unknown to the galaxy, the Rannon Praxeum has been targeted by a similar attack over a year ago – which aerial footage has now confirmed. It has been said that upon receiving the news, Republic specialists were outraged at the lack of transparency the Jedi Order has offered their intelligence services in regards to such a dangerous threat. The Grandmaster of the Order, Don’roq, has refused to comment under the guise of this being a “matter of spiritual warfare”, not concerning the wider Galaxy; but this statement has understandably caused considerable criticism for the Order as a whole.

For many, this was a chilling reminder of the atrocities that befell the temple only half a century earlier during the Imperium Wars. It is being theorized by several correspondents that these series of attacks are directly linked to the earlier kidnapping of children and devastation of the Order’s reputation. Nevertheless, tensions undoubtedly grow within the Order as not only one of the most prestigious Praxeums of the Order has already fallen, but one has barely clung onto life from a threat that the Galaxy will not be told exists.