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390.17 // Shock results as Lammee Ranack is appointed Chief of State!

Shock results as Lammee Ranack is appointed Chief of State!

As the sun or in many cases suns rise across the Galaxy this morning, the residents of the Republic are waking up to a new Chief of State in the shape of the former Mon Calamari senator Lammee Ranack.

Going into the vote even the most experienced commentators were reluctant to call who would emerge as Chief of State. However bookmakers had former Governeor-General Ruun, running on the back of his successes in the Vohai conflict as favourite to get the most powerful and influential position in all of the Republic.

Ruun who started ahead in the polls with a 7 point lead, slowly saw it erode away over the course of the campaign. Wide spread public demonstrations against his actions on Vohai saw highly influential Senators backing Ruun, fearful for their own re-election bids withdraw their support of the fierce military leader. The most recent blow to Ruuns campaign came mere days ago when the Jedi Order issued a statement.

“Whilst the Jedi Order strives to remain neutral in such political events, we would like to state that we condemn Govenor-General use of his past affiliation with the Jedi Order to garner prestige and favour with the residents of the Republic. Whilst Governor-General Ruun may have once represented the Jedi Order and its values, he no longer does so.”

It will be for politics students of the future to debate in their seminars, whether or not this statement is what tipped the balance which meant that New Chief of State Lamee Ranack won over Ruun by a narrow margin of only 9 votes

In her opening address Chief of State Lemmee Ranack, called for an era of calm and stability, recognising that more must be done to engage the further afield systems of the Republic who may feel dis-illusioned, calling on the Core Systems to lend their aid and support in this effort.

Behind closed doors, Chief of State Ranack will know that in order to succeed they will need to win the favour and trust of Governor-General Ruun who when asked by Holonews what his plans are simply stated

“I will continue to serve the republic.”