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390.23 // Lost Stars finally arrive at their destination, as schools return across the galaxy.

Systems that follow the R.E.D (Republic Education Directive) will today hear the familiar hum of the school shuttle return to the morning soundscape. For those under the most common syllabus in the Republic, today marks a return to school.

It was reported last week by the the Inter-plantery Foundation of Statistics, that school traffic can add upwards of 22% onto commute times, so commuters will no doubt notice increased delays on the hyperlanes this morning.

It also appears to be the first day of ‘school’ for the Lost Stars. Named after the operation which saw the successful rescue of the force sensitive children that were stolen away from the Jedi Order and their families. It has been confirmed by multiple sources, that the children have spent the last three years at home with their families, and with the help of GRID, the Republic and Jedi Order psychiatrists and councillors have been aided in every-way possible to overcome their ordeal.

Unconfirmed reports appear to point that the children will be kept isolated and in quarantine at the start of their training with the Order before being distributed to the many faculties operated by the Order. The Order has refused to comment on any speculation, however all public and private engagements of Grandmaster Don’roq have been cancelled for the next year as it is believed he will be personally over seeing the Lost Stars initial development and induction.

Whilst the operation which ran for 6 years has been closed for some time, there are still a handful of unanswered questions.

Whilst many mercenaries have been prosecuted and are serving times in prisons across the galaxy, is the figure head and orchestrator still free?

and finally, what came of Koyso Chewai’in and Esta Bowing, the only two children not found in the rescue operation?