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390.01 // Mother Mu’la killed in explosion, Revolutionary Council surrenders!

The streets of Vohai run red with anarchy as word of Mother Mu’la’s death reaches far and wide. Chaos and confusion grips the ranks of the Revolutionary Guard, while Republic officers and soldiers alike share cheers and song, for they know the war is over. Earlier in the day, the fragments of the Revolutionary Council and Revolutionary military officers reached out to Republic officials and declared their unconditional surrender.

While information is still flooding into the holonews, it is known that the Mother was attending a series of Life Day celebrations in the new capital of Queenstown when a high-explosive device was planted under her seat, killing her and 32 other members of the Revolutionary Council instantly. The new Governor-General, Shaa’li Graamish, has denied all allegations of Republic sabotage and labelled the attack a “form of factional rivalry from within the Revolutionary Council due to weakening morale.”

The estimated casualties from both sides of the conflict range from 50,000 – 175,000 military and another 1.2 million – 7.8 million civilian casualties or deaths. With her death and the surrender of the Council, most commentators assume that the major conflict of the war will come to an end. However, the planet may continue to see severe unrest and tragic losses of life until order is restored across the planet.