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389.27 // Vohai Peace Accords end in failure and Jedi resignation. Ruun to run for Chief of State!

After intense back and forth, all the hope built up around the fateful Vohai Peace Accords has plummeted back to the war-torn surface, both Jedi diplomats and Republic anti-war Senate leaders unable to bring both Governor-General Ruun or the People’s Will to a meaningful negotiation. Inside sources explain that the diplomatic room was ‘laced in tension’, with ‘insults hurled at every opportune moment.’ The magnanimity and grace that Governor-General Ruun showed in this occasion, according to the same inside sources, was ‘unprecedented. In the face of violent and murderous intent by the opposition [Mother Mu’la], completely overlooked by the Jedi present, he showed the same resilience and committment to unnecessary bloodshed through it all.’

Following a surprise statement by one of the speakers for the Governor-General, explaining the resignation of the Jedi Order from the command structure of the conflict, Governor-General Ruun later declared his hopeful candidacy for the open position of Chief of State:

“We are, of course, grateful for the involvement of the Jedi thus far in the conflict. With my strong relations with the Jedi Order, I suggested to their Masters that their spirits were perhaps not aligned with the goal of the Republic, and it was in their best interest to resign from the conflict. With their resignation, we will have better officers take their place. Victory for the people of the Republic is within our grasp.

I have no doubt that my good friend, Senator Shaa’li Gramish, will succeed myself as Governor of Vohai with the utmost of alacrity, strength and honour we expect of any delegate of the Republic. However, hearing the will of our Senate, I have resigned the Generalship and the Republic forces on the planet will return to the traditional military hierarchy. But Vohai will not end. The conflict and pain is not over. The pain our Galaxy feels not only for the Vohaians, but for all victims of corruption, will not end in a day. That is why, from the halls of this vessel, I formally declare my candidacy for the upcoming election as Chief of State of the Grand Republic.

My friends, we will, together, end the corruption in the Republic. We will, together, end the tyranny of Vohai. We will, together, make the Republic a prosperous and beautiful place, just like it was meant to be. Get out there, show your support, and I look forward to meeting every single one of you!”

Due to much misfortune, the war continues to drag on. However, much to the dismay of the hopeful Chief of State Ruun, the new Governor-General Shaa’li Graamish (a close friend of Governor Ruun, though briefly turned to the anti-war side) has shown a lack of initiative in the quick military successes that his predecessor achieved. Sluggish, brutal combat replaces the intensive artillery barrages that were favoured by Ruun, though commentators have suggested that this is to the significant reduction of civilian casualties.

Whatever the outcome, Holonews and the galaxy will certainly keep a keen eye on Lord and Senator Ruun in his new endeavours!