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390.24 // BREAKING NEWS: Senator arrested for trafficing!

Gaia Fepayli, one of the key senators to the system of Duro, has been arrested for illegal spice trafficing along the Corellian Run. Fepayli is known to be a very successful businessman, trading with all sorts of household products his company, “Fepayli House-Union”, is producing on the planet of Duro. For the time being, we are not fully aware of his intentions, however it is assumed that Fepayli has had an income on this spice trafficing for more than 4.3 million credits, presenting to be a very dangerous move from the senator.

The Republican Senate has called in an emergency meeting aswell as the Duro Gouvernment, immediately dealing with this matter and revoking the political position of Gaia Fepayli permanently, exiling him into the Republican Federal Penitentary on the planet of Coruscant.

We have also recieved information by the CCTV, that the trafficing has recently been escorted by an E3R with a Varactyl logo on it’s wings. The trade route leading to Hapes is being monitored as we speak, and will remain until further notice.

The people of the Republic are now asked to deliver information about this craft and it’s pilot immediately. A late source has revealed that the target has moved to the southern sectors of the galaxy, last heading along the Corellian Run.

Criminal target information:
– Aboard an E3R “E-Wing” with Varactyl logos on it’s wings
– Heavily modified according to late sources
– Pilot armed and dangerous