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388.02 // Empress Bellitria Comments on Vohai

In a rare public appearance, Empress Bellitria Fel spoke to members of the media this morning, addressing a number of social and political issues that have been sweeping the Empire in recent months. Of particular note is comments she made regarding the ongoing crisis on Vohai..

“We of course wish a fast resolution to the crisis on Vohai with as little loss of life as possible. The Republic and the Senate are of course in every right to protect the lives of its citizens on Vohai in this conflict, although the people of Vohai We would argue should also be allowed to determine their own fate. It’s ironic that a galactic government that is supposed to be founded on the principles of ‘democracy and freedom’ appears to have forgotten this, while worlds are free to join and leave the Empire as they please.
In any case, we hope the situation is resolved quickly.”

The Empress’ comments quickly drew sharp criticism from people within the Republic Senate.