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387.10 // Order and Grid: “Rescue of over 30 force sensitive children”

The Galaxies hololens were firmly pointed at the steps of the Senate building in the early hours this morning. The Galaxy waited with baited breath, after rumours of an breaking development around Operation Lost Stars began to circle in press circles and social media.

At approximately 0502GST a GRID spokesperson released a joint statement on behalf of GRID and the Jedi Order.

GRID and The Jedi Order can confirm that yesterday an operation was successfully executed that led to the rescue of over 30 force sensitive children.

We are delighted to confirm that the children have been reunited with their families.

GRID and the Order would like to request privacy for the children and their loved ones at this time.

No details of the operation were revealed to the public, sources within GRID seem to indicate that it was entirely carried out the Jedi Order, but for now Operation Lost Stars has been closed and curiously with no-one formally charged.