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387.11 // Ruun declared new Governor-General amid Vohai chaos

In an unsurprising turn of events, Laa’ken Ruun, former Jedi, Senator and Naval Officer has been issued the rare title of Governor-General of the Vohai System, as well as all affiliated military and civilian enterprises to ‘ensure the safety and security of the citizens of the Republic.’ The Chief of State made a brief and unannounced statement on his off-world flight to visit Ithor, in which he stated:

Governor Ruun has had a long and fruitful career, which makes him the most experienced man for the job. At this time, the Republic does not wish to directly engage with regional matters out of respect for the decentralisation of our governing bodies. We have every confidence in Ruun’s abilities and are giving him every resource required to deal with the threat posed by the terrorist cells on Vohai, and pray that in due course no more suffering comes to the innocents plagued by their barbarism.

Despite Holonews’ best efforts, we have been unable to reach Governor-General Ruun for comment or interview.