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387.03 // High profile recruitment agency ‘Simply Galaxy’ stormed in dawn raid.

GRID operatives have raided the headquarters of galactic headhunting firm ‘Simply Galaxy’, located in the heart of the business quarter on Coruscant. The raid which took place in the early hours of the morning is believed to be tied directly to the missing force sensitive children.

Sources from inside GRID have told Holonews that it is believed that Simply Galaxy is responsible for the sourcing of mercenaries to target children on behalf of a larger unnamed faction.

In a statement from Simply Galaxy, they strongly denied any wrong doing

“Simply Galaxy does not have any involvement with the disappearances of recent years, and will assist GRID with any information and access they may require to exonerate our company. Our priority is and always will be to help citizens of the galaxy take the next step in their careers.”

As of yet it appears that no charges have been brought forward and as such, the next 48 hours will make for interesting watching. Many citizens see this as an end game move from GRID and that they must surely be closing in on bringing the children home.

The first child was taken roughly 5 years ago and surely with this latest move, GRID alongside the Jedi Order are at a point where they feel finally in a position to put this to bed.

The first domino has fallen, will the second?