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386.22 // Tensions rise as Republic closes another factory on Vohai

As another factory threatens to close, the third this year on the planet of Vohai, industrial unrest reaches an unprecedented level. In a leaked statement, spokesperson Carr Greenwill of V-8 Industries called Vohai an “unprofitable population”, which incited a huge wave of protests and tax avoidance among the industrial sectors of the planet. The memory of the massacre of Vohai City lurks over the people of Vohai like a violent spectre, and much of the planet remains resentful and aggressive.

Worryingly, the illusive terrorist group ‘People’s Will’ making a comeback last year as they announced their first public broadcast in over 3 years. Planetary authorities are publicly expressing their worry that industrial unrest may, once again, lead to a repeat of the violence almost a decade ago.

We spoke to a survivor of the Vohai Massacre, a now-unemployed Steel Worker Chiara Bu’cbhi, who gave us her brave story of that fateful and bloody day. “It was like the world just stopped, and suddenly everyone was dead around me.” Chiara told Galactic Holonews today. Now, Chiara is an industrial activist and union leader, writing her own book named ‘The Necessary Revolution’, which critics have cited as an aggressive and pro-terrorist, anti-Republic piece of literature. “We can’t let this happen again; I have kids that need me, but I need the credits to buy them food and clothes. It’s a joke how they treat us, just to undercut the trade we have with the Empire and Hutts. A joke. We aren’t slaves.”

With protests set to take place throughout the cycle until their demands are met, the situation remains unclear.