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386.23 // [OPINION] Is Lord Ruun the man to save Vohai from collapse?

While the ghost of terrorism grips the once-prosperous planet of Vohai, there is one man who has been monitoring the situation closely. Ex-Jedi, ex-Senator and Governor Laa’ken Ruun has a long and successful career of dealing with the provinces of the Republic, as a representative and man of the law. Dating back to his early twenties, his time as a Jedi was spent as an Investigator and Watchman, having been trained by the greatest of the Ossus Praxeum he had a short career of effective and quick punishments to Hutt Space piracy when infringing upon the Republic. Soon afterwards, he hung up his Jedi robes and started life as a political being in the capital of Coruscant.

As a Senator, Ruun was one of the greatest outspoken critics of the expansion of big business that led to the Stock Market Crash of 378; ever a man of the people, he pushed for welfare reform across the Outer Rim and expansion of his program ‘Civil Service’, which would allow the homeless and unemployed Government-paid work in massive infrastructure projects funded by the Republic’s treasury. Finally, as Governor, his critics called his measures ‘drastic’ in dealing with the threat of corrupt expansion by the Hutt Cartel against fragile industries within our Outer Region. Harsh, but necessary – Ruun kept the peace, and cared for the people.

Who better, would serve as Governor of Vohai and the surrounding systems? A man of the people, and a firm but loving hand. Experience in the Jedi, militiary and Government – Governor Ruun has the experience, credentials and sense to sort out the big business crippling Vohai, and bring balance to the once-prosperous lives there. Furthermore, he has the firm hand necessary in dealing with this terrorist organisation that has been given free reign for far too long!

This has been Lacinda Sha, of Holonews news.