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386.09 // In awe, and partial terror, the residents of Kenzie last night.

On 386.08 ABY, the skies split open, the ground quaking as the Praxeum on the mountainside bathed the valley below in wondrous light.

While there hasn’t been any news as to the reason behind the extraordinary display offered to the settlement, many support the beliefs of a divination ritual or the figurative ‘ascension’ of one within the ranks of the Order. Of course everything thus far is postulation and hypothesis.

However, considering the tremors that followed through the whole incident, the residents of Kenzie weaved their own rumors about the phenomenon. Resident Drixler Guvber told us the following

Love, in all my years I have never seen anything like what happened yesterday. We’ve had earthquakes and whatnot before, of course, that much is obvious. But to see the valley bathed in the light of that beam. I’m telling you, my dog nearly went mental. My neighboor closed up shop, he feared ‘the end was near’. But yeah, the Jedi are friends, I hope everything is alright up there.

Will we ever find out what happened on the mountain? Will we ever know what started the tremors of the earth? Doubtful, but such is the way of the Jedi; has been since time immemorial. Mystery is a part of the people that reside over us, watching us.

It was Olivei Vrugark with Galaxy news.