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386.08 // Unexpected turn of the tide.

Eris Canan, head of the Canan family, certainly wasn’t expecting to exit the Sanshur court in custody today after he was called before the bar.

Halla Wissin, the attorney responsible for defending the accused Troptur Reed surprised the court with a major revelation. She accused, with supporting evidences, Eris Canan of conspiracy against her client but also of the kidnapping of Reed’s daughter and selling her to Hutt slavers. Documents, security footage but a damning confession of one of Canan’s accomplice were all submitted into evidence. Eris Canan, who was caught by the local security forces (VSF) trying to escape during Troptur Reed’s arrest, admitted to taking part in the kidnapping though not in her enslavement.

A cold comfort for Reed, who was convicted of involuntary homicide, barbaric action and participation in a criminal association and will have to follow Canan’s trial behind bars.

We don’t know yet the motivations behind the head of the Canan family actions though rumors have already started circulate. One major explanation for his actions is linked to the Canan family’s recent and aggressive movement within the Vlemoth Port housing market. The Reeds always refused Canan’s offers for their property and people are pointing out that blackmail might have been a new method of persuasion for the investing family.

As you can imagine, as the skies have grown darker here over Sanshur, the mood has grown darker as well and people here are beginning to resign themselves to the possibility that they are witnessing yet another tragedy.

Whatever are the reasons behind those acts we can only hope that the VSF will be able to stern this recent crime wave.