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383.18 // BREAKING NEWS: Missing Children linked as Senate hosts late night sitting.

The Holonews can today officially confirm that the missing children were indeed all force sensitive and due to be collected by the Jedi Order.

In response to this breaking news, the Senate held an emergency session late last night and demanded to hear from the Order.

Jedi Knight Levi Astra, a branch ambassador for the Order was expected to attend and respond officially on behalf on the Order, but at the last moment was replaced by Jedi Knight Gifford Rav’i. Perhaps an indicative sign of the chaos the Order finds itself in.

A snippet of Master Rav’i address can be found below

Senators, I would like now to appeal directly to those that have lost their children.

I know these words bring you no comfort. They will not stop the sleepless nights. It will not serve to fill the inescapable void left behind. It will not repair your shattered trust with the Order, but, if these words are to serve any purpose, then I hope it is to simply inform that whilst we cannot possibly understand your loss, believe that we share in it.

The Jedi Order adopts all those that join it. We will not rest until our lost brothers and sisters, your beloved sons and daughters, are cradled safely in both our arms once more.

Whilst a vote of no confidence in the Jedi Order was floated by some backbench senators, it was swiftly condemned by the rest of Senate. The Senate clearly has faith in the Order and GRID, however unless some progress is made, how long will the galaxy retain that faith?